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"I was able to release my fears of 'I don't trust people', why I feel 'I lack support', my worth and why I feel 'I'm not doing enough' - major things that limited me work-wise and in my personal life. Being able to do that, I feel so relieved and FREE TO JUST BE and I couldn't have done that without Nancy."

Anna Viettry

Financial Representative - Coach

Released: Full Breakthrough for Career Goals


"We worked on self-love and it was incredible. I've been a Christian my whole life and never really felt this depth of self-love that I've finally experienced that God has for me and that he has for everyone as well...

I had 100 years of generational guilt released off of me, feelings of rejection were released, feelings of self-hatred and suicide, anxiety and depression were released, I had fear released, and any negative emotions that were holding that negative energy within myself was released through these breakthrough sessions...

I've done years and years of therapy on and off, and this is the most breakthrough I've experienced in the shortest amount of time, it was literally 2 days! I love getting results quickly and results that last!"

Kara Vance



Released: Full Breakthrough for Self-Love & Spiritual Healing


"Nancy eliminated my 5 top negative emotions, which were fear, sadness, guilt, hurt, fear and anger. I had so much emotion pent up within me and she was able to release that... I know with 100% certainty that Nancy will get you the results you are looking for and not only that, but be able to release all these emotions to set yourself free so that you are able to pursue your results, and uncover what's holding you back to get you to that next level."

Long Le

Trainer - Coach - Consultant

Released: 5 Major Negative Emotions


"Some of the things I was working on with [Nancy] were processing some old childhood experiences and trauma and I was also looking to get some clarity and direction in terms of my career and business going forward...

Some of the things I really appreciated about working with Nancy is that she could relate and identify with some of my experiences growing up being 1st generation born here in the U.S. and also having refugee parents. I think that was very unique and I think it was also very effective in our conversations together.

Nancy creates a very warm, safe space to be able to share and process some of these experiences and go through this journey together. She is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and very patient...

Working with Nancy and having her unique blend of the cultural experiences along with the knowledge, and also her great, warm, caring personality was really effective. I highly recommend working with Nancy."

Hai Ninh

Sales Consultant - Activist - Model - Actor

Released: Full Breakthrough for Career Goals


"Nancy was very calming, compassionate, and empowering. She walked me through the process of resolving and releasing my past hurts and trauma in a way that I didn't think was possible. I immediately felt a release of pressures that I had been carrying, and felt a sense of peace, joy, and purpose restored to me. 


I highly recommend if you are feeling held back in life and you want to breakthrough to the next level that you consider working with Nancy. She is amazing and you won't regret it."

Lisa Cacho
Church Events Coordinator 

Released: 5 Major Negative Emotions

Sarah Jung

"Until then [my breakthrough] I didn't realize I couldn't feel. I had no idea, because I use the word 'feel' all the time. It took days for me to realize, and then I started noticing that I can't feel. I don't feel! So that was weird for me to even realize and I started thinking more about why I have to 'think' about my feelings.

I was [releasing] anger and sadness, and when I was feeling anger literally for the first time, I was pissed off that I didn't feel this before. And then it was sadness, and I was sad, but I was happy that I could feel sadness, so it was amazing. It felt good, really good, to really connect with my feelings and not have to 'think' about it.

I realized I was so disconnected with my feelings and I wasn't even aware of it."

Sarah Jung

International Business Owner - Coach

Released: Full Breakthrough for Career Goals

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