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Transformational Breathwork Session (1.5 Hr)

Transformational Breathwork Session (1.5 Hr)

Transformational Breathwork utilizes the power of the body and breath to access the subconscious mind. Increasing our subconscious awarenessess empower and awakens the body's natural ability, and desire, to heal that which was unconscious (out of our awareness/ mentally blocked).


A single breathwork session can potentially:


  • allow you to feel a sense of reconnection back to your body/self (embodiment)
  • allow you to achieve wholeness and internal integration of mind-body-spirit
  • connect to your inner child and discovering unmet needs 
  • elevate your conscious awareness and deepen your relationship to your heart, mind, emotions and spirit
  • create a new relationship with both self and spirit

  • heal relational patterns and trauma

  • heal the body of dis-ease
  • clear unprocessed trauma/energy from the body (somatic release)


Various breathwork styles will be incorporated in order to achieve the desired goals of the session.


Hypnotherapy will also be incorporated during the session to help reprogram your mindset toward a higher state of consciousness and positivity.


Each person's experience is unique, and no session is the same. 


** This is for a personalized 1-on-1 session with Nancy and will be customized according to your individual goals and intentions. If you are interested in a GROUP Breathwork Session, feel free to inquire for a future class offering. **


Contraindications: Breathwork can evoke strong emotional and physical stress and can put people with the certain conditions at risk, including pregnancy, serious heart conditions, epilepsy, glaucoma, retinal detachment, history of severe mental or emotional disorders, acute infectious disease and recent injury or surgery. Please discuss with your doctor as needed if you have pre-existing conditions. A signed waiver will be required prior to conducting your session. 


    • Personalized 1-on-1 Breathwork Session (~1.5 hours)
    • 15-minute Post-Breakthrough Follow-Up Call

    Upon checkout, follow the instructions on the attached digital file. Further instructions will be provided via the call.


    • If for any reason a different plan is recommended for the client, all funds will be credited appropriately toward the new agreed upon plan.
    • If Nancy deems the client is not a good fit for her services, all funds will be refunded in full before the start of breakthrough sessions.
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