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Somatic Trauma Release (~3 Hr)

Somatic Trauma Release (~3 Hr)

Unprocessed trauma stays frozen in the body, specifically the nervous system, along with stored energy/anxiety, belief systems, and dis-ease/stress in the body. A trauma release session is focused on releasing trauma associated with a one-time traumatic event or season of life, for example:


  • a car accident
  • a life-threatening event
  • events during the pandemic
  • a past marriage, divorce, abusive relationship, etc.
  • a past childhood memory


As long as the event, or traumatic season of life is completed, it can be released.


    • 45-minute Pre-Breakthrough Coaching Call
    • Full Release Session (~2 hours)
    • 15-minute Post-Breakthrough Follow-Up Call

    Upon checkout, follow the instructions on the attached digital file. Further instructions will be provided via the call.


    • If for any reason a different plan is recommended for the client, all funds will be credited appropriately toward the new agreed upon plan.
    • If Nancy deems the client is not a good fit for her services, all funds will be refunded in full before the start of breakthrough sessions.
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