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Hypnotherapy Sessions (3 Sessions)

Hypnotherapy Sessions (3 Sessions)

Hypnotherapy is powerful and effective in order to change habits and to install new thought patterns / emotional responses. 3 personalized hypnotherapy sessions will be created for your specific needs. Plus, you get to keep the playback recording!


Hypnotherapy is often used to:


  • Quit Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Habit Changes
  • Install Positive Thought Patterns & Beliefs
  • Build Confidence in Specific Situations

    • 3 - 90 Minute Sessions
    • Individualized Coaching Session to Identify Needs
    • Audio Recording Playback

    Upon checkout, follow the instructions on the attached digital file. Further instructions will be provided via the call.


    • If for any reason a different plan is recommended for the client, all funds will be credited appropriately toward the new agreed upon plan.
    • If Nancy deems the client is not a good fit for her services, all funds will be refunded in full before the start of breakthrough sessions.
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