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#3Bundle - 3 FULL BREAKTHROUGHS (Bundle Option)

#3Bundle - 3 FULL BREAKTHROUGHS (Bundle Option)




  • 3- 25 min. Coaching Calls to support you in-between your breakthroughs!  
  • 6 months of Voxer App Support (Add'l Walkie-Talkie/Text Coaching Support, with 72 Hour Response Times) - Starts AFTER your 1st completed breakthrough 


Payment Plan Options Available Upon Request


Breakthrough work is life-changing, and focuses on ONE specific area of change at a time. If you are committed to seeing COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION and your RENEWED SELF to emerge and come into full alignment in multiple areas of your life, commit to locking in a 3-Session Bundle. Identity Shifts typically require 3-5 breakthroughs, and I will work with you over the course of 3-9 months to help you through a deeper transformation process!


This package is a combination of 3 Full Breakthroughs scheduled over the course of 3 - 9 months, and we will work together to identify the top 3 areas of your transformation process.


Each breakthrough is focused on one specific area/pattern in your life, ie. Self, Health, Career, Spiritual, Relationships, Finances, etc.


Details of each Full Breakthrough Process:


A Full Breakthrough Experience is for those ready to receive a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION via an accelerated process! Imagine being reprogrammed from the inside out, completely removing all the pain and inner conflicts that are preventing you from getting 100% results! I Guarantee My Results!


(Includes Package 1 + 2)


Package #1

Heal Generational Trauma & Release Your Emotional Triggers


Release Past Feelings of:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Hurt
  • Guilt


Package #2

Be Free of Rejection & Reconnect to Your Intuition


  • Be Free of Anxiety
  • Release Thoughts of Rejection
  • Be Free of a Major Limiting Belief
  • Create Internal Wholeness, Integration & Reconnect Back to Your True Self 


Package #3

Create New Possibilities & Step Into Future Goals


Choose ONE specific area of focus in your life: Self, Career, Relationship with a Specific Person, Faith, Health, etc.


  • Remove Every Belief, Value & Programming That's Holding You Back From Your Goal
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious for Productivity & Positivity
  • Move On From Grief


* First Breakthroughs typically take ~5-6 weeks, with 1 half day for intake processing + 2 full-breakthrough days. Subsequent breakthroughs may require less time.



    For Each Breakthrough:

    • 2 - 45-minute Pre-Breakthrough Coaching Calls
    • Up to 3 hours for Intake Processing
    • Up to 10 hours of Subconscious Breakthrough Work
    • 3 - 25-minute Post-Breakthrough Follow-Up Calls
    • Additional Breakthrough Hours will be charged at the discounted rate of $50 per hour.


    • 3 - 25 min. Coaching Calls to support you in-between your breakthroughs! 
    • 6 months of Voxer App Support (Add'l Walkie-Talkie/Text Coaching Support, with 72 Hour Response Times) - Starts AFTER your 1st completed breakthrough

    Upon checkout, follow the instructions on the attached digital file. Further instructions will be provided via the call.


    • If for any reason a different plan is recommended for the client, all funds will be credited appropriately toward the new agreed upon plan.
    • If Nancy deems the client is not a good fit for her services, all funds will be refunded in full before the start of breakthrough sessions.
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